XPS M1330 and M1530 Laptops Now in PINK


XPS M1330 in PINK

Whether we're talking fashion, home decor, or laptops, it's pretty clear that people like pink. Since we unveiled our color Inspiron laptops last June, pink is the second most popular color. And lots of our customers have made it clear that they want to see pink on more laptops.

That's why we introduced pink as an option for XPS M1330 and XPS 1530 customers worldwide beginning recently. For more details, check out www.dell.com/thinkpink, or watch this YouTube clip.

XPS M1330 in pink

Note: Clicking on the above picture will take you to the XPS M1330 configurator for customers in the United States.

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12 thoughts on “XPS M1330 and M1530 Laptops Now in PINK

  1. Earlier today I ordered 2 Dell XPS 1530’s.  The only color options available online from the Small & Medium Business side were Tuxedo Black & Midnight Blue.  The website for the Small & Medium Business side need to be updated to address the new colors.  Luckily my Inside Sales Rep was able to fix the order and I was able to purchase a pink one for my client after I came across this blog. Thanks Lionel for always sharing the new products available from dell.


    daniel versola / cto / currie computers, inc.

  2. While I completely understand the reasoning for adding the pink color, what baffles me is the lack of color choices available to the XPS line — when compared to the Inpsirons.

     I personally have a Crimson Red color and love it — but for a product that has been out for less than a year, to have such switching back & forth between colors is a little odd.  First, white was an option — then it wasn't.  Then red/black were the only options … and white would pop in from week to week.

    Now this new blue color has been added — and this pink.  All while at the same time Dell is charging more to get Red?  Because it is supposedly helping starving kids in Africa. Come on!


    What about other colors, Dell proves that they can do it with the Inspiron lineup — why not the XPS.  Green would be need, so would an off grey, slate color.  I love my red while I could still get it as a color option.

     I'll tell my girlfriend about the pink, I'm sure she'd just love it.

  3. Good to hear that the pink is being introduced but why doen't Dell just make all the colours available to ALL countries immediately .

    The extra charge for the Red Product is just being plain greedy….Mr Dell lead by example – donate $2 billion to africa, you can afford it.


  4. Here's an idea, rather than focussing on how many different shades of colour the XPS M1330 can be bought in, it may be an idea to actually get the laptop working first! Hundreds of people are having massive problems with this laptop and the motherboard/GPU/graphics card drivers overall. See below:


    Get your priorities straight Dell – You need to make sure the product is of merchantable quality first, then you can concentrate on dressing it up!



  5. It's wonderful that you're making superficial updates to the lineup. Now please offer some of the features that users actually are calling for: the 1530 with linux instead of windows.

  6.  I agree totally with MigHunter. I am on my fourth lcd screen and third motherboard and the thing still does not work. Plus, the technicians have broken my case changing the motherboard and I have two screws leftover that came with the machine and I presume should still be in the machine.

     I am not a happy bunny and would not recommend anyone buy one of these laptops as the support is abismal.


  7. Seriously, can't we focus on upgrades that really matter, instead of pink covers?  Why is it that, months and months after the LED screens were finally released on the XPS M1530, we still only have the limited option of 1480×900 resolution?  I want to upgrade my 5 year old laptop, which has 1680×1050 resolution.  The key word there is UPGRADE, so I'm not going to take a step backward in screen resolution.  Why does Dell only make higher resolutions available in the non-LED screens?  Is there some kind of technological limitation that I am not aware of, or is Dell simply that out of touch with what its customers want?  After waiting for over 6 months for this one single feature (LED with at least 1680×1050 resolution), I'm pretty much done waiting, and I'm going to spend my money elsewhere.  It simply looks like Dell isn't going to ever give us what we want on this issue.

  8. yall NEED to get a grip! if your so made about everything then DONT order it! or even come back to this little site. HELLO COMMON SENSE!                –peace me hommies

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