XPS Notebook Updates (XPS 12, XPS 13 and XPS 15)


At Dell, our customers drive our innovation, and your feedback is integral in this process. It’s also integral to giving you the very best service and support experience we can.

Recently, some XPS 15 customers brought to our attention that you were experiencing difficulties with the machine after installing the latest BIOS and drivers update. We are aware and apologize that this has caused undue time and frustration.

We’re pleased to inform all XPS 15 customers that we’ve identified solutions for many of these reported issues. Updating the BIOS and drivers will resolve most of the reported issues.

We posted the updated drivers and BIOS to Dell.com/Support and are adding these updates to the factory installed image for all new shipments from Dell’s factories. BIOS and driver updates can be performed by clicking on the “Download File” links on Dell.com/Support, then clicking on the button to run the file once it has finished downloading. We’ve highlighted some of the more significant updates below.

We genuinely appreciate your feedback and thank you for speaking up. We are constantly making improvements to our products by refining the BIOS and drivers, so be sure to regularly check for the latest updates to BIOS, drivers and more on Dell.com/Support.

As always, we ask that any customers still experiencing trouble to please reach out to our renowned customer support team at Dell.com/Support, or if you’re on Twitter, @DellCares. Because those teams are available 24/7, both of will result in a faster response than commenting here on Direct2Dell.

Enhancements to XPS 15 BIOS:

There are several enhancements to BIOS since we first launched XPS 15, including:

  • Battery Life improvement – By allowing the SSD to go to a lower power mode in light to moderate workload situations, significant battery life improvements can be seen
  • No Boot Device found – addresses an issue where the Solid State Drive may not be recognized when booting up the system
  • BSOD – addresses an issue with the Intel 6th Generation processors that can result in a BSOD
  • Slow Processor performance – addresses an issue where the processor becomes throttled and doesn’t return to full speed

Enhancements to XPS 15 Drivers and Software:

  • Audio Driver – addresses an issue where some audio distortion may occur in some situations
  • Video Driver – addresses a graphics driver issue which can result in the screen briefly going blank and a message that the driver crashed
  • Wireless LAN – an update improves the wireless throughput performance
  • Dell Premier Color Application – an update eliminates an issue where the application may take an excessive amount of time to finish loading
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  1. To my mind the xps 15 9530 is cool too but I don't want to drop $1,500+ on a laptop then the new one release shortly thereafter. I also hope the new xps 15 is released in an infinity display without the touchscreen. While it's nice, I'd never use it so it would just be a waste of money…

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