You Do Have a Website…Don’t You??


In this day and age, it's hard for me to fathom that some businesses don't have a website. I've heard every excuse in the book:

  • We're local; we don't need a website.
  • We're just a [insert business type here]. We don't need a site.
  • We can't afford a website.
  • We're not into technology.

Blah, blah, blah. Excuses are over, people. I'm here to tell you if you do not get a website this minute
(well as soon as you finish reading my post), your business is doomed.
Maybe not today, maybe not this year, but you are a dying breed. The
nowebsitasaurus. So get with the program.


Let me offer my refute to each of the arguments above.


More people are searching for local businesses online these days. I chose my dentist simply because he had a website.

Just another company

Even if none of your competitors have websites, don't you want to
stand out? Lawn service, roofing, dog grooming, I don't care what you
do. A website will educate people on your industry and what you can do
for them. How else will they find you? Please don't say Yellow Pages.

Can't afford it

Have you checked the price of websites lately? They're not that bad.
A basic site can cost you under $1000 (and even under $500 if you're
willing to hire someone with less experience). And sites like let you make your own site (like I did for Egg in the
photo) with just a $50 a year hosting fee.

Not into technology

You may not be, but I bet your customers are. And a website isn't
really technology. So start thinking about how you can better reach
your customers the way they want to be reached.

You're out of excuses now, aren't you?

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