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You, Too, Can Learn More from Dell's Annual Industry Analyst Conference


Attendees at Dell Annual Analyst Conference 2013 look at Dell productsForrester analyst Dane Anderson is one of more than a hundred industry analysts attending our fourth Dell Annual Industry Analyst Conference on May 29-30, 2014, here in Austin, TX. As he prepared to travel this direction from Asia, he posted on his blog Monday about a conversation he had earlier this year with Michael Dell:

“Throughout my career as an industry analyst, I tracked the global PC giants as they clumsily tried to match Dell’s direct model in the ’90s and saw the company emerge as a multibillion-dollar IT industry juggernaut in the ’00s; most recently, I’ve watched with interest as the company went private. Like Michael (and me), Dell has undoubtedly passed through its youth and is now looking to embark on a new course that can leverage everything it has learned to this point through middle age. Something has indeed been lost, but much has also been gained,” he wrote.

This week’s conference offers Dane and other analysts the opportunity learn more about what has been gained by providing access to engage with our customers, partners and senior executives. You can follow the conversations online, as well. To keep up in real-time just follow #DAAC on Twitter. And as each day wraps up, we’ll post recaps on Storify.

To get an idea of what’s likely to be discussed, you can hear attendees’ impressions from last year’s conference in this video directed at enterprise customers and industry followers:

If you’re an industry analyst and need more information, please contact one of our Analyst Relations team members.

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