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– Strengthened inside sales (in-house sales), which is the core of business since its foundation – 

Dell Co., Ltd. ( Headquarters : Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President : Tomoyuki Hirate, Dell, URL: ) was aimed at medium-sized enterprises on February 14, 2017 Along with the announcement of the business strategy, from May 2017 to the end of August, we will begin active adoption of inside sales (in-house sales) towards a large increase in IT concierge in medium-sized enterprises.

Welcome to join those who are interested in work that meets the demands of a wide range of medium-sized enterprises and those who are looking at future U-turns, so that we can be active in our company with a view to the future 10 or 20 years ahead Human Resources Development Program and welfare programs and remote work programs for home graduates (home work system) are planned to be introduced sequentially. Regardless of age, we will recruit a wide range of young veterans and senior citizens who are experienced in the IT industry and aim to increase the number of 50 (published figures).

* A part of this content is an effort only with the wide area sales headquarters


1) Background and purpose of this initiative

As a global company that gains top market share and solid reputation worldwide, we have been newly established as Dell Technologies since February 2017, and the growth is accelerating all over the world and in many areas . Currently, we are promoting strengthening strategy for customers of medium-sized enterprises (employees 100-999), aiming to further expand business and become a true partner for customers, this time a wide range of human resources who can be active among them We reached recruitment.

In addition, the shortage of IT talent is a serious situation in medium-sized enterprises in Japan, and many enterprises with informational status are few. We will strengthen support for those customers and will also focus on training IT human resources. In particular, as an effort to stop the IT shortage in rural areas, I would like to actively join local people from the perspective of U turns.


2) Dell's Inside Sales (In-House Sales)

Inside sales (in-house sales) is the core of Dell's unique business model that has been inherited continuously even after more than 30 years since its founding by Michael Dell. We utilize telephone and e-mail to explore the root of customer's IT issues and promote the proposal and sale of products and services leading to further improvement in operational efficiency. Our strengths are that we can contact directly with a large number of customers and face IT challenges while interviewing the customers' live voices, but in fact we can contact with more than half of Japanese mid-sized companies. There is no company other than our company in this industry that has connections with a wide range of customers so far. You can acquire a global proven inside-sales method.

( Reference ) Introduction of Dell Inside Sales Sales (Inside Sales)


3) Japan's own human resource development program Title of IT Concierge 

In order to provide the highest satisfaction to our customers, we are focusing on human resource development, but prepare global globally proven programs aiming to develop human resources capable of suggesting solutions to potential customer problems doing.

Among them, the internal qualification system: LTS (License to sell) is an online assessment that is conducted twice a year, it is possible to identify the selling skills, the strengths related to solutions and product knowledge, and the categories requiring training , You can strongly promote self-growth.

In addition, as a program unique to Japan, we have prepared a system to support qualifications such as "information security management" and "IT coordinator". With these skills acquired, in-house sales that truly became your partner can earn the title of IT Concierge (IT Infrastructure Concierge, Cloud Concierge), broadening the range of promotion opportunities and careers. (The IT Concierge is a role / system specialized for customers of medium-sized companies with dealings with wide area sales headquarters). Since we are 24 years since the establishment of the Japanese corporation, we will formulate a new 25-year career plan and will follow up on plan planning fairly.


4) Benefits / remote work program for rural people

In order to prepare an environment where rural people from the viewpoint of U turns are easy to work, as welfare benefits, a lump-sum payment allowance from local districts (appropriated for general relocation expenses incurred during moving and housing etc We will prepare, etc.) and will support you to get used to the new environment smoothly. In addition, as a proposal for a new way of working, we plan to introduce a remote work program (home working system) with your own home in order. For those who have been certified as a U-turn · IT concierge, the condition is that we are enrolled for a certain period of time at our in-house sales and have an IT qualification such as "IT coordinator". By doing this, you can choose to work at our company even after U turn.  


5) Specific job content

We will actively work as a middle-sized business (inside sales) that proposes Dell products and solutions for medium-sized enterprises (100-999 employees). Many prospects are skilled companies and innovative companies that have the top level market share in the world / Japan in specialized fields where big companies are hard to find in various industries. We will interview a customer's IT challenge by telephone or e-mail, propose a problem solving by utilizing a wide range of IT products and solutions boasted by Dell Technologies, and we will do closing until the situation (such as via customer visit or sales agent) We respond flexibly according to).


The middle-sized enterprise customers tend to have a shorter review period compared to large corporate customers, so there is a real pleasure that results after the proposal come out early. Also, by directly communicating with decision makers you can realize your skills. In parallel with such activities on a daily basis, we aim to become an IT concierge which is a true partner for our customers and skill up through various human resource development programs. Technical questions and questions are backed up entirely by specialized technical teams.


6) Application conditions

We are planning to hire people with sales experience of more than 2 years or experienced in the IT industry. Regardless of age, applicants will be accepted widely from young to experienced and senior people rich in IT industry experience.


【Required Skills】

◎ act actively in line with achieving the goal, challenge in a posture not to give up until the end

◎ Positive communication can be aimed and mutual understanding can be done accurately

◎ We can clarify corresponding priorities and promote business efficiently and speedily

◎ I can participate in team work with members with various skills

◎ You can constantly grow with seeking change as you move forward to increase your market value with constant improvement and inquiry

◎ We can visualize the latent needs of our customers and make proposals rich in variations


【Welcoming conditions】

Those who are from rural areas and are looking into U-turns in the future

○ Qualification holders such as "IT passport", "information security management", "IT coordinator"

○ Effectively cooperate with DELL EMC channel partner and can cooperate sales

○ English proficient


7) Salary and Benefits

  • Salary: Determined based on our company's regulations, taking into consideration the achievement and ability etc
  • Welfare welfare: various social insurance outcomes, defined contribution pension system, benefits welfare program, affiliated recreation facility, qualification acquisition assistance, sports subsidy system, in-house circle, Happy Wednesday etc.

【Work Life Balance Support System】

■ Regional Alumni Allowance

Lump sum allowance lump sum (It can be used for general relocation expenses incurred during moving or moving house etc)

■ childbirth · childcare

Maternity leave, childcare leave, lump-sum birth allowance, childcare expenses subsidy, childcare shortened work, chic leave (applicable also to nursing of the same family and cohabiting family) etc.

Nursing care support

Long-term care leave, subsidies for nursing-care expenses, short-term care for nursing care, etc.

■ Diversity support

ERGs (Employee Resource Groups)

* 14 groups (Women in Action, GenNext, Planet etc.) that promote mutual understanding among employees


※ For those who apply for inside sales (Dell Co., Ltd. wide area sales headquarters, in-house sales for medium-sized enterprises), please register at the following site.

Recruitment site (Dell Official Website: Job Opportunities)