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Dell announced the all-flash storage solutions for the first time

– Performance, efficiency, and help optimize scalability –

 Dell Inc. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: county Shinichiro, following Dell) today announced a new storage solution, corporate IT performance improvement, data-in-site support, support the total cost of ownership reduction It will extend the analytics capability to.

Some companies in order to correspond to the amount of data to be rapidly increasing overlapping efforts, and optimized performance and data-intensive workloads IT drawing attention to the system. Such a system is to analyze customer data and business data is essential in order to gain insight that leads to the goal.


Dell Compellent Storage Center v6.4

The optimization and high performance are required applications, a scalable storage platform to meet customer needs for data management of high cost efficiency

The data that will increase the enormous efficiently manage, at the same time I / O to help customers to try to meet the needs of the intensive workload, Dell has significantly revamped the storage portfolio, the scale expansion and a high It was supported in a single solution for both applications performance is required.

Data-intensive work optimized the next generation of the load Dell Compellent Storage Center 6.4 Array Software is one which exhibits a potential for having an automatic layering technology, Dell new Compellent have conjunction with Solution You. 

  • Performance Oracle , SQL , Meditech Optimized for database applications such as
  • Writing emphasis on single-level cell ( SLC ) and read importance of multi-level cell ( MLC including) SSD data progression to support the hierarchy of the entire
  • Minimize the delay at the time of reading for performance-sensitive applications
  • The new Dell Compellent hardware and Dell Fluid File System v3 ( FluidFS v3 support)

Dell Compellent flash optimization solutions
Dell Compellent flash optimization solutions, enterprise database, OLTP (online transaction processing) data intensive low-latency and high required for workload IOPS ( 1 per second I / O processing speed) requirements It is designed to meet. Writing emphasis SLC of the read focus MLC SSD and by automatically layered data across including the maximum cost compared to other flash optimization solution 75 can be reduced% * 1 . In addition, OLTP delays during workload processing 1,000 of minutes 1 is suppressed to less than seconds, 100K or more of IOPS was achieved * 2 . SLC and MLC SSD function to automatically layered by a combination of will be the industry's first.

  • Dell Compellent flash optimization solutions Features:
  • 1 of writing and emphasis on reading focus in one of the solutions SSD Provides
  • Minimize the delay at the time of writing in performance-sensitive applications
  • Flash optimization and hierarchical

Dell Compellent SC280 high density enclosure
Dell Compellent SC280 compete 2U maximum of enclosure 2.8 that times, offers a maximum rack density in all major storage solutions. Dell to address the innovative system efficiency improvement is a solution that optimizes the capacity to be able to host the hierarchical data Dell Compellent SC280 by 5U maximum footprint of 336 to save the terabyte, significantly the space requirements of the data center We were able to be reduced.


SC280 Features:

  • 5U maximum enclosure 84 of the groups to 4TB drive
  • Enclosure RU maximum for each 67.2TB and physical capacity of
  • 48U maximum per rack 2PB and physical capacity of

Dell Fluid File System ( FluidFS ) v3
Dell Fluid File System ( FluidFS ) v3 is the market leader three minutes of the 1 * 3 provides file storage of enterprise-class exhibit higher performance than ever before at the cost of the customer it is intended to support so that it can be properly addressed by performance-intensive file workload. Dell Compellent FS8600 is mounted to debut later this year FluidFS v3 is a single name space 2PB supports, to provide the highest rack density among the key vendors of this class. Policy-driven variable block data reduction, to enable compression and no longer required redundant data deduplication, it is expected to become the main storage solution in the industry.


Advanced FluidFS v3 for file storage equipped with the Dell Compellent FS8600 NAS features of the appliance is as follows:

  • Scale-out performance and capacity
  • Fluid Data Reduction deduplication of policy-based by and compression
  • In a single name space, it had been supported up to now 1PB about 2 up to the times 2PB * 4 Support.
  • To simplify the management
  • 10 Gb support of iSCSI connectivity
  • Flexible configuration, which is a combination of connectivity, back-end storage array, the drive

Dell Compellent flash optimization solutions
provide start date:       2013 year 8 May 28 (Tuesday) –

Minimum configuration price:     17,920,856 yen

* price of notation, 3 is the minimum configuration price excluding year warranty included, the consumption tax and shipping charges.


As for specifications in detail, please refer to the following.


Dell Compellent SC280 high density enclosure

Shipment start date:       2013 year 8 May 28 (Tuesday) –

Minimum configuration price:     12,382,420 yen

* price of notation, 3 is the minimum configuration body price excluding year warranty included, consumption tax and shipping charges, the software license fee.


As for specifications in detail, please refer to the following.


Dell Compellent Storage Center v6.4
URL: Http://Www.Dell.Com/learn/jp/ja/jpbsd1/campaigns/compellent-storage-center


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  1. 2013 years 5 is based on the Dell internal analysis of May. Dell Compellent products EMC VNX family, HP 3PAR StoreServ , HP EVA , IBM V7000 , IBM XIV , Hitachi Data Systems HUS 100 family, Oracle Sun ZFS Storage and compared with the family.
  2. 2013 years 3 by Dell-house testing of the month. Test Storage Center v6.3.10 and dual SC8000 controller OLTP was running the type of workload. IO the meter is completely used in a randomized, 70/30 reading of / write and 8K this by sector transition of IOPS to achieve performance.
  3. FluidFS v3 installation of Dell FS8600 , the maximum in a single name space 2PB support. This FluidFS v2 mounting Dell FS8600 had support at launch 1PB about namespace 2 becomes the times.
  4. SPECsfs2008_nfs.v3 I According to the results of a performance test of. 8 nodes, 24 SLC , 120 eMLC SSD has a configuration of Dell Compellent FS8600 similar to Isilon SPECsfs is compared with the sub-mission. Actual performance configuration, it varies depending on the usage and manufacturing variability. Price is 2013 years 5 by Dell internal comparison of May.