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Dell, the new IPS panel equipped with 27 -inch LCD monitor " U2713HM announced"


Dell, a liquid crystal monitor "Dell TM as a new model of digital high-end" series, will start 27-inch wide monitor, the sale of "U2713HM" from today.


"U2713HM" is, as the monitor of the Dell has been adopted for the first time, "AH-IPS panel" and "LED backlight". A wide viewing angle of up, down, left and right 178 °, to reproduce a good image from every angle, and provides excellent screen performance of WQHD (2560 × 1440). Also power during normal operation is also low about 37% as compared with the conventional model "U2711", offers low power consumption with excellent.



Release Date: August 8, 2012 (Wednesday)

Sales Price: 49,980 yen (including tax and delivery charge)



" U2713HM main features of"


Power consumption has been greatly reduced

By adopting the "AH-IPS panel" and "LED backlight" of the new model, it has achieved a normal power consumption 42W (conventional model "U2711" is 113W). In addition, at the time of the power management software used is carried out transition to the automatic adjustment and sleep mode of the screen brightness, it can be more efficient power saving.


Environmentally friendly eco-design

Equipped with a "LED panel" of arsenic zero-mercury zero, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) power-saving program "ENERGY STAR to promote ® ", comprehensive evaluation system "EPEAT Gold certified to operate the US Green Electronics Council ", TCO Development, Inc. operated" TCO certification (TCO certified Displays 5.2) "and received and certified by the China Energy Conservation product certification Center (CECP), it complies with each environment standard. Also, to achieve the packaging of styrofoam is not used in an environmentally responsible manner.


Easy-to-use adjustment function

Stand height 115mm, tilt angle of 4 ° forward, backward to 21 °, swivel is possible to adjust the 90 °. In addition also supports pivot (vertical rotation), use of the vertical screen is rotated 90 ° screen is also possible.


Rich connection terminal

HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort, in addition to the VGA terminal, because it is equipped with four USB3.0 the downstream port, has improved the convenience at the time of PC connection.


Product details here please visit.


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■ The contents are accurate as of the date of August 8, 2012.



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