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デル、第6世代インテル® Core™ i5-i7、Xeon® プロセッサー搭載の「Dell™ Precision™ シリーズ」を発表


October 8, 2015

Dell Inc.


Dell, the 6 -generation Intel ® Core i5-i7 , Xeon ® 

Of processor-based " Dell Precision Announces Series "


~ new design mobile workstations of 4 products and Tower 2 more powerful in the product ~


Dell Inc. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President smack Tomoyuki, below, Dell), the mobile workstation 4 product "Dell ™ Precision ™ 15 3000 Series", "Dell ™ Precision ™ 15 5000 Series", "Dell ™ Precision ™ 15 7000 Series "," to start the Dell ™ Precision ™ 17 7000 Series "as well as sales-type of Tower product" Dell ™ Precision ™ Tower 3000 Series "of the two models. "Dell Precision Series" in this announcement, the sixth-generation Intel ® Core ™ i5-i7, Xeon ® processor is equipped with highly reliable workstation.



" Dell Precision 15 3000 Series | 3510 "

New and improved carbon fiber mix of material. Achieve a durable, lightweight enclosure.

Workstation that combines a balance of performance and cost-efficiency to meet the professional needs.


  • 377.1 x 252.6 x 24.55mm
  • Minimum weight to about 2.23kg
  • Sixth-generation Intel ® Core ™ processor-based – Core ™ i5, i7, Xeon ® Quad Core
  • DDR4 memory NECC, ECC – up to 32GB
  • Storage- PCIe M.2 SSD, SATA M.2 SSD; 2.5 "SATA drives
  • Graphics – AMD FirePro TM graphics 2GB GDDR5
  • 61Wh 4 cell polymer battery (6 cell, 84Wh ※ optional)
  • From conventional in all configurations E- Port Available
  • Core ™ i7, Xeon ® case, Thunderbolt in option (Type C connector connection, plans to sell at a later date)
  • WAVES MaxxAudio Pro
  • Dell Precision Optimizer
  • No optical drive
  • Minimum configuration price: 179,980 yen (excluding tax, postage included)
  • Product page: Http://Www.Dell.Com/jp/business/p/precision-m3510-workstation/pd
  • Sales scheduled to start: in October



" Dell Precision 15 5000 Series | 5510 "

Feel the pleasure to own, beautiful design and high quality finish. Even while it equipped with a wider high-quality display, and more innovative mobile workstation Unusual thin and lightweight.

 15.6 inches of InfinityEdge display, with touch function, available in two types of faithful color reproduction is possible 4K UHD IGZO touch wide-view display (optional) FHD IPS wide view panel.

Palm rest and the new touch pad that uses the beautiful carbon fiber. It revamped to achieve high performance while thin-and-light by the latest graphics installed.

  • 357x223x17mm rear
  • Minimum weight about 1.78kg
  • 15.6 inches high performance display
  • Sixth-generation Intel ® Core ™ processor-based – Core ™ i5, i7, Xeon ®
  • DDR4 memory – up to 16GB / 32GB (sale scheduled at a later date)
  • SSD's – PCIe M.2; 2.5 "SATA drives
  • NVIDIA ® Quadro ® GPU with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • Thunderbolt type C
  • Dell BIOS
  • Next-generation docking station support
  • Dell Precision Optimizer 3.0
  • ISV certification
  • Minimum configuration price: 279,980 yen (excluding tax, postage included)
  • Product page: Http://Www.Dell.Com/jp/business/p/precision-m5510-workstation/pd
  • Sales scheduled to start: in October


" Dell Precision 15/17 7000 Series | 7510 & 7710 "

Thinner, lighter, robust, sturdy housing that does not feel the weight and improved carbon fiber material. Inside and outside fundamentally review the design at any angle from, design is also revamped. Dell is proud, mobile workstation with a very high processing power.


  • Best-in-class display
  • Maximize the performance of your application
  • Added scalability in performance and functionality
  • Sixth-generation Intel ® Core ™ processor-based – Core ™ i5, i7, Xeon ®
  • Thunderbolt 3 (will be released at a later date)
  • M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD's
  • Industry best UHD PremierColor panel
  • DDR4 & ECC memory options of overclocking (will be released at a later date)
  • Industry-leading docking support
  • The design and optimized for ISV applications



 " Dell Precision Tower 3420/3620 " [KV1] 

To provide the required performance and reliability at a reasonable price range.

  • More miniaturized new small form factor
    (Tower 3420 – T1700 about 6% smaller than SFF)
  • Housing of Tower 3620 No change with the current T1700 MT housing
  • Sixth-generation Intel ® Core ™ processor-based – Core ™ i3, i5, i7, Xeon ® E3-1200 v5
  • Maximum 64GB 2133Mhz NECC / ECC DDR4 memory
  • Storage: PCIe M.2 SSD, 2.5 "SSD, 3.5" SATA, 2.5 "SATA, SED SSD
  • Storage: Tower 3620 maximum 9TB / Tower 3420 up to 5TB
  • NVIDIA / AMD professional graphics, and Intel integrated graphics
  • Thunderbolt 2 Option (planned for the add in card)
  • Extension of the ISV certification
  • Dell Precision Optimizer v3.0 (factory scheduled for mid-November, already started to provide download from the Web)
  • Provides Intel ® Wireless, a built-in SD Card Reader & cable cover in option to SFF enclosure
  • OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10; RHEL 7.2; Ubuntu 14.04 SP1
  • Minimum configuration price: 129,980 yen (excluding tax, postage included)
  • Product page: Http://Www.Dell.Com/jp/business/p/precision-t3x20-series-workstation/pd
  • Sales scheduled to start: in October


Dell Precision Optimizer v3.0 release
software that auto-tuning to optimize with a single click to the ISV application to use the hardware resources of the workstation. Add the corresponding application profile, corresponding to more than 20 ISV applications.

  • Enterprise-ready (SCCM) : evaluation, address, analysis plan. Administrators in conjunction with the profile of the end user, the number of nodes and the number of users, it is possible to collect the results of the analysis, contribution at the time of memory expansion or the like.
  • Graphics information: NVIDIA ® Quadro ® real-time GPU analysis, graph, GPU performance widget to like.
  • CPU Information: Intel ® processor information, logo, display of real-time analysis.

Provide start date:
during start the download from the Web (English site): Http://Www.Dell.Com/learn/us/en/04/campaigns/dell-precision-optimizer?C=usandol=enandos=bsdandocs=04

Installing on a factory product, scheduled for mid-November.


" Dell Precision series "mobile workstation specification list

" Dell Precision Tower "specification list

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