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デル、23インチと21.5インチワイドモニタ 「P2312H」、「P2212H」を新発表


Dell, 23 -inch and 21.5 -inch wide monitor

" P2312H "," P2212H the "The new announcement

~ LED is both a design and efficiency that was friendly and equipped with a backlight environment ~


Dell November 16 than (water), as a new product of the liquid crystal monitor, Dell TM Professional Series P2312H 23-inch wide monitor (or less, P2312H) and Dell TM Professional Series P2212H 21.5-inch wide monitor (or less, P2212H) has started selling . These products are equipped with a LED backlight, excellent adjustment function, and we have both the design and operation efficiency that are friendly to the environment.


"P2312H" "P2212H", the liquid crystal in a new product that becomes the P2311H and P2211H successor model of the previous model, respectively, and increased the efficiency of work while minimizing the impact on the mounted environment LED backlight up to a maximum of It is the monitor. An aspect ratio of 16: 9 and realize the full HD resolution of 1920×1080, a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000: 1 raised to, it will be able to reflect a variety of image more vivid smoothly. Also, it is possible to respond flexibly to the user's use environment excellent alignment function, it can be used in the most easy manner.


And excellent connectivity, the corresponding daily of analog connection with VGA port, of course, by the DVI-D digital connector of HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content protection) installed, you can achieve a higher image quality. Also, use the USB port, a keyboard, a mouse, you can make easy to connect peripherals such as an external drive.

Dell TM Professional Series P2312H

Outstanding screen performance

  • ?? 23 / 21.5 inches wide, and displays the mass content in high-quality images of the maximum resolution of 1,920 x 1,080
  • ?? 2,000,000: to achieve an accurate representation of vivid colors and details in 1 dynamic contrast ratio


Easy-to-use adjustment function

  • ?? 130mm height adjustment of (the previous model P2311H / P2211H is 100mm)
  • ?? 4 ° ~ before and after tilt adjustment of 21 °
  • Left and right rotation of ?? 45 °
  • ?? Pivot rotation


The reduced power consumption

  • ?? LED backlit by the realization the normal power consumption 25W (P2312H) · 21W (P2212H), and 0.1W or less in standby mode 
  • The power consumption cut by the screen brightness automatic adjustment and sleep mode transition when ?? you are not using
  • ?? Power usage bar in the use power can be checked at a glance


Support for peace of mind

  • ?? Three years good first-out service (which provides failure at the time of first non-defective product)
  • ?? 3-year premium panel guarantee (exchange as good at missing bright dots of one place)
  • ?? Option in the extended warranty possible to 4 years or 5 years


Environmentally friendly eco-design

  • ?? (Except cables) halogen-free use, is adopted glass and mercury 0% of the LED panel of arsenic usage 0%
  • Use more than 25 percent of the regeneration material in ?? chassis
  • ?? Latest environmental standards ENERGY STAR ® , EPEAT Gold, TCO Certified Displays 5.2, to adapt to the CECP


Release Date: 2011 year 11 May 16 (Wed.)

Price ( P2312H ): 17,980 yen (including tax and delivery charge) ~

Price ( P2212H ): 15,400 yen (including tax and delivery charge) ~


Dell TM Professional Series P2312H 23-inch wide monitor


 Dell TM Professional Series P2212H 21.5-inch wide monitor

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