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デル、LEDバックライト搭載20インチワイドモニタ 「E2013H」を新発売 ~LEDバックライトを搭載し環境に配慮した設計と効率性を両立~


Dell, LED-backlit 20-inch wide monitor

New release "E2013H"

And both the design and efficiency that was friendly and equipped with a ~ LED backlight Environment –


Dell Inc., as a new product of the liquid crystal monitor, Dell was both LED backlight was equipped with environmentally friendly design and efficiency TM  E Series E2013H 20-inch wide monitor (or less, E2013H) will be released from today.


Release Date: November 6, 2012

Price: 11,980 yen (including tax and delivery charge) ~

Dell TM E Series E2013H 20-inch wide monitor

URL:  Http://Accessories.Apj.Dell.Com/sna/productdetail.Aspx?C=jpandol=jaandos=bsdandocs=jpbsd1andosku=391-10060

"E2013H", before new products were redesigned to be the successor model of the model E2011H, LCD is the monitor that was increased to a maximum efficiency of work while minimizing the impact of the LED backlight to the mounted environment . An aspect ratio of 16: 9 resolution as well as demonstrate the response speed of 1,600 x 900,5 m / s, has power consumption is suppressed greatly superior to the environment design.

And excellent connectivity, the corresponding daily of analog connection with VGA port, of course, by the DVI-D digital connector of HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content protection) installed, you can achieve a higher image quality.

Support for business and reliable screen

  • ?? 20-inch wide, maximum resolution 1,600 x 900
  • To take full advantage of the screen ?? with a thin bezel
  • ?? Response speed 5 m / s

The reduced power consumption

  • ?? LED backlit by the realization the normal power consumption 14W, and 0.5W or less in standby mode
  • The power consumption cut by the screen brightness automatic adjustment and sleep mode transition when ?? you are not using

Centralized management software

  • ?? You can automatically optimize the display settings to suit your application by the centralized management tool "Dell Display Manager", the screen brightness automatic adjustment and sleep mode transition when not in use is achieved

Support for peace of mind

  • Three years good first-out service (failure at the time of first offer good)
  • ?? Option in the extended warranty possible to 4 years or 5 years

Environmentally friendly eco-design

  • ?? Latest environmental standards ENERGY STAR ® , EPEAT Gold, TCO Certified Displays 5.2, to adapt to the CECP