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デル、LEDバックライト搭載27インチウルトラワイドモニタ「U2713H」を新発売~Premier Colorテクノロジーで至高のスクリーンパフォーマンスを実現~


27 inches ultra wide monitor Dell, LED-backlit

Launch of the "U2713H"

The Realization of the screen performance of supreme in ~ Premier Color Technology


Dell Inc., Dell as a new product of the liquid crystal monitor, realized the color of the wonder by Premier Color Technology TM will be released today from digital high-end series U2713H 27インチultra wide monitor (hereinafter, U2713H) a.

Release Date: 2013 year 1 month 22 days

Price: 69,980 yen (including tax and delivery charge included) –

Dell TM digital high-end series U2713H 27インチultra wide monitor




In the flagship new product which is the successor model of the U2711 previous model, "U2713H" is has improved contrast ratio and color gamut, enhance coordination function and interface, design and more environmentally friendly power consumption and reduce by LED Backlight You.


27-inch wide monitor resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 equipped with Premier Color technology provides crisp image quality without compromising the screen breathtaking. Gamut achieve sRGB 120% (CIE1976), 99% AdobeRGB, 100% in 12-bit panel. Also can be used to full capacity immediately after purchase for color adjustment is performed at the factory (color correction completion certificate included).

Excellent display mode adjustment function and position adjustment function, because it is possible to respond flexibly to the use environment of the user, and can be used in a state where the most easy-to-use for the user.

With excellent connectivity, with DVI-D digital connector HDCP Display Port, Mini Display Port, and HDMI (high-bandwidth digital content protection) is installed, and has realized the image quality further. It can also be performed easily connect peripheral devices such as a keyboard, mouse, or external drive by using a USB port.

Excellent screen performance

  • Realization of (178 ° 178 ° ×) wide viewing angle with IPS technology
  • View mass content 27-inch wide, high-quality image resolution up to 2,560 x 1,440
  • I realize an accurate representation of detail and vibrant colors in the dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1

Adjustment easy-to-use features

  • Height adjustment of 115mm
  • Slope before and after adjustment (tilt)
  • Rotate left and right (swivel)
  • Pivot

Centralized management software

? Achieve Sleep Mode and screen brightness automatically adjusted when you can automatically optimize the display settings to suit the use application, you are not using centralized management tool by the "Dell Display Manager"

Power consumption is reduced

  • I realize the typical power consumption of 60W by the LED-backlit
  • The power consumption cut by the Sleep Mode and automatic screen brightness adjustment when you are not using


  • (Provide a good first when a failure occurs) three years good first-out service
  • (Trade with quality goods at missing bright dot of one place) 3-year premium panel warranty
  • Warranty can be extended to five years or four years in the option

Eco-friendly design environment

  • Environment standard ENERGY STAR latest ® Adaptive, EPEAT Gold, TCO Certified Displays, in CEL
  • Panel equipped with arsenic, mercury zero