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May 26, 2015

Dell Software, Inc.


Software Dell, " DR By The Strengthening Of The Deduplication Appliance Series"
Improve The Data Protection Function


  • The latest update of the backup-to-disk appliance "DR" series, simplicity, security, scalability improvement
  • Provide performance and scalability of the upgrade, encryption during storage, the important new features such as VTL and NDMP support


Software Dell, Inc.. (Head Office: Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, President: Nakamura Kyoki, Below, Del Software), The Numerous Software Updates That Enhancements Have Been Achieved In This Time De-Duplication Appliance "DR Series" Announced In this update, the various upgrade in performance and scalability, encryption function during storage, will include backup support of VTL (virtual tape library) and NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol).

In organizations of all sizes, the data to be increased more quickly and safely, how to efficiently protect and there is a strong demand, the need for data protection solutions is increasing more than ever.

To "DR Series" Is, Backup-To-Disk Appliance "For Large-Scale Corporation DR6000 ", For Small And Medium-Sized Corporation " DR4100 ", Disaster Recovery Backup Virtual Appliance For Remote Office " DR2000v There Is." To All Of the DR Series appliances, are implemented variable block-based software deduplication technology and compression technology of built-in type, by using a disk backup appliance, the storage requirements as protected data repository while achieving minimization, it can shorten the time required for backup and Recovery. In Addition, As One Of The Standard Of "DR Series", A Comprehensive Licensing Scheme, Existing Customers Will Be Able To Take Advantage Of The New Features Through A Software Upgrade.

The main new functions and features of the latest upgrade is as follows.

  • Performance And Scalability Of The Upgrade -. To Meet The Needs Of Customers Who Have Been Forced To Support The Rapid Increase Of Data, Using The 6TB Drive, Has Extended The Maximum Usable Capacity Of "DR6000" Up To 252 Terabytes (TB) This " DR6000 "Became One Of The Most High-Density Disk Backup Target Appliance On The Market, A Reduction In Power Consumption, And Reduce Cooling Costs In The Process. In Addition, At This Time Of The Upgrade, The Performance Of Backup Incorporation Of" DR6000 "Has Been Improved Up To When The Maximum 25TB /. In Addition, Together With The Rapid NFS And Rapid CIFS Is The Industry'S First Source-Side Deduplication Is Mounted On The" DR4100 "As NFS And CIFS For Backup, Backup Performance Uptake Of" DR4100 "can be improved up to the time up to 17TB /, performance itself will also be improved 150 percent.


  • Encryption During Storage . In The DR Series Appliance, Encryption Function During Storage Has Been Added Many Companies, Medical Care That Must Be Followed Especially Strict Regulatory Guidelines, Finance, There Has Been A Growing Concern About Data Security In The Government Sector, To Protect The Data At Any Time Of The Backup Process Has Become The Most Important. Encryption Of Data During Storage, During The Backup Process, While Stored On Disks, The Data Is Encrypted. Existing Customer Downloaded The Latest Software "DR Series", Since It Can already be encrypted data stored on the DR system, allows smooth protection of any data.


  • VTL Of Support   . Many Organizations, Are Working On Issues Of Obsolete Tape Backup Process Was Still Immobilized, And Send The Backup Data To Tape In A Variety Of Embedded Applications With The Introduction Of The VTL Support Functions, Customers Who Use The "DR Series "Is Now Available For Use Of A Disk-Based Virtual Tape Library As A Backup Target. In Addition, Reduces The Backup Time, Generally Occur In Older Tape Backup Process Easy To Risk, Cost, Are Issues Such As Complexity Is Improved. In Addition , DR series appliance is now also available to the VTL backup using the Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM).


  • NDMP Support . Latest Update Also Implements Support For The Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) Thus, Companies That Backs Up The Current Network Attached Storage (NAS) System By Sending Data Directly To The "DR Series" Dell Is The Target From The Storage device, can be shortened and cost savings time you.


Provision of information

  • All Of Our Currently Customers Is Available For Free Dell To "DR Series OS 3.2" As Download The Latest Software. DR Series Appliance Offers Through Direct Sales And Distributors From Dell.


Software Dell, Product Management, Data Protection Director, Paul Davis ( Paul Davis )

While the growing amount and importance of "data, looking for a backup solution that companies of all sizes can be dealt with high how cost-effective these challenges. Dell of" DR series "is, exactly meet these needs to those, while useful in mitigation of costs and complexity, offers as a high-performance solution that can achieve the ROI (return on investment), which is visible to the eye. security with the latest updates, performance, flexibility enhancements is, customers will be a sufficient material in order to consider the "DR series" as a means of obtaining more of the benefits from the investment of the backup. "


Endorsement from the partner: 

Toshiba Information Systems

Director SI Solutions Division Hiroaki Hayashi

"Toshiba Information Systems welcomes heartily del software like the release of" DR series OS3.2. "Fast Duplicate The Company, which integrates with" NetVault Backup "and" DR series ", corresponding to the multi-platform offers excluded data protection solution. Amid growing needs of big data cloud utilization, you will be asked the importance of more and more data protection in the future. updates of "DR series", the corresponding also needs to diversify and, we are confident that it can also contribute to your benefit. we, in conjunction with the Dell software like, we will continue to provide a high-value-added more customers solutions. "


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