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中小規模企業に最適な高性能デスクトップPC「Vostro 230シリーズ」が登場


Dell over the past 1 year, customers of small and medium-sized companies to take full advantage of the budget, in order to help to protect important data of customers at the same time, besides the new products with such appropriate function and support Vostro and it has been put into a lineup.

Ultra portable Vostro V13 from, was also compatible with future Vostro 430 of and first small business dedicated all-in-one machine Vostro 320 up, tools are pre-loaded, including the Dell Backup and Recovery Manager software for these models, small business It has become the design to meet the computing needs.

As a result, according to a global survey, as the first of a dedicated PC brand for small business, Vostro 80% of customers using is, people around them Vostro are our recommended products, and get the result that It was now up.

And in the year 2010 Vostro as Vol.1, this time, two types of by package of mini-tower and slim tower Vostro 230 desktop series is new Vostro joined the portfolio. Both models also can choose the configuration that helps to meet the daily challenges of small business, corresponds to the daily computing needs of small business.

Vostro main features of the 230 / 230s will be following.

– Scalable mini-tower type of Vostro 230 and, and vertical / horizontal corresponds to every, slim tower with excellent space-saving Vostro 230s You can choose from two types of.

Intel Core 2 Quad processor, by 4 GB DDR memory, and 2 TB of hard disk (at the time of both maximum configuration), and provides a comfortable working environment.

– Can easily have access to the expansion slots, expansion of hardware is simple. Ports, serial, PS / 2, VGA, and have been enhanced with the USB (x 6), you can connect both the old and new peripherals.

– Up to 1 GB of NVIDIA graphics can be selected. If you select the option of DVI ADD2 card, digital display can be constructed two side-by-side dual display environment, you will be able to work extensively on the big screen.

· Dell DataSafe Online Backup is that you take advantage of the 24 hours, so you can run the 365-day recovery and at any time of the data backup, will lead to the reduction of the burden, such as increasing the number of hardware expansion and IT staff.

– Dell ProSupport, even if how requires complex data security, and available HDD return unnecessary service, HDD data recovery service, the extensive options such as data destruction service (with certificate), and compliance from data recovery It will cover a wide range up to.

· Dell Backup and Recovery Manager has been pre-installed, at any time you can run the backup with a simple operation.

Since it offers you also great deals by the optimal configuration for small business, new Vostro 230 Please come and check the series.


Vostro 230 product page

Vostro 230s product page



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