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The second generation Intel ® Since the total lineup of Core ™ i processor 2011 new model PC that is equipped with the (consumer and for business) has finally Desoroi, and then again introduce today.

Space strongest of the gaming PC ALIENWARE series, the latest notebook!

April 19 of the announcement to (fire), the new product of ALIENWARE ™ is a "universe strongest of the gaming PC" (Alienware), Alienware ™ M11x , Alienware ™ M14x and Alienware ™ M18x (released from mid-May It is a notebook PC3 model of planned). For customers that want to enjoy anytime, anywhere game, we had to balance the overwhelming performance and portability. With all models correspond to HDMI1.4, it provides us with a 3D gaming experience immersive. Especially Alienware ™ M18x is Intel ® the only gaming PC industry that option is installed the Core ™ i7 Extreme CPU, and delivers an overwhelming speed that does not live up to the name of "the universe strongest".

Alienware ™ M11x April 19, 2011

Alienware ™ M14x April 19, 2011

Alienware ™ M18x (will be released from mid-May)


Design Studio is power up to resurrection – choose 159 kinds of the top plate design Dell ™ New XPS15 / Dell ™ New XPS ™ 17

Is a consumer high-end notebook PC latest Dell ™ New XPS ™ 15 and Dell ™ New XPS ™ 17 Dell unique options that you can customize the design top plate of the, Design Studio (Design Studio) is, re-appeared this time to power up ! Significantly increased from the previous 17 type, now available choose the total 159 types of the top plate.

Design Studio site

The newly added 142 kinds of design top plate, including the work of overseas famous designers, equipped with a variety of selection to meet your personality. Luxury celebrity misuse our nail brand gained popularity last time, but collaboration design of the OPI, Inc. "OPI x DELL ™", this time it has been added also the new color 46. Price of the design top plate will be Dell ™ New XPS ™ 15 plus 5,250 yen to the standard price in (tax included), 6,300 yen plus the Dell ™ New XPS ™ 17 (including tax).

Design Studio Design Examples



SWITCH by Design Studio freely replace the design Dell ™ New Inspiron ™ 15R

Of consumer mainstream notebook PC at Dell ™ New Inspiron ™ 15R also, the 25 types of design top plate can express myself, be freely replaced is Switch by Design Studio to suit your mood appeared. Among the 25 types of design top plate, from the design of unique designer such as Mike Ming and Mr. Derek Welch said from the popular color of OPI x DELL ™ design, personality full of design is equipped. In this SWITCH by Design Studio in the Dell, "according to the application replace", that has proposed a new use. Price of the top plate each 2,625 yen (including tax), Dell peripherals site is available for purchase at.

Switch by Design Studio New Inspiron ™ 15R for dress-up top panel


DellVostro ™ new models are also the first two -generation Intel ® Core ™ power up in processor-based!

Small & Medium business-friendly notebook Dell ™ Vostro series also, the second generation Intel ® Core ™ processor and is equipped, has become a more high-performance model. Enhanced Intel ® by Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, the processing capacity of the processor is up, depending on the load, you can do the day-to-day work in without stress comfortable. In addition to the new model is equipped with various functions to the more smoothly the business communication, such as Nomad working and telecommuting that has come to be seen today, will also firmly support innovative work styles.

Strongly support the business in the high-performance

– The second generation Intel ® is equipped with a Core ™ processor. Possible faster data processing

· USB3.0 supports, large files even more smoothly transfer

Backlight keyboard in the selection, comfortable typing even in a dark place

Anywhere clear communication

· Skype ™ is equipped with a software. If there is an Internet connection environment, anywhere online conference

· SRS is equipped with a Premium Voice Pro ™ software. The catch in the built-in microphone and clearer voice

And a personality for business

By office environment or application, four (13 "/ 14" / 15 "/ 17") the optimal size can be selected from

Both full size three color variations (silver, bronze, red) in the expansion (15-inch model Silver only Dell ™ Vostro ™ 3550, the red of two colors)

Dell ™ Vostro ™ 3350 March 22, 2011

Dell ™ Vostro ™ 3450 March 22, 2011

Dell ™ Vostro ™ 3550 March 22, 2011

Dell ™ Vostro ™ 3750 March 22, 2011

Business-friendly client product group also revamped, further promote the improvement of operational efficiency

Business-friendly notebook PC and tablet PC of Dell ™ Latitude series, desktop PC of Dell ™ OptiPlex series, and also from the work station Dell ™ Precision Series we announced a total of 12 products. Main features, ensure connectivity (connectivity) to be able to conduct business in any place, designed with an emphasis on durability, high reliability, it is a response to high maintenance and centralized management.

Notebook PC and tablet PC: the latest generation Dell ™ Latitude E series

New product of Dell ™ Latitude E series, so that it can conduct business in any place in the design thought-out until the details of the latest generation unique, and to improve the user experience, and also to enhance the durability of the product. In a particularly durable, the adoption of an aluminum top plate which prevented as much as possible the degradation of the coating by performing brushing and Powder Coating (Dell ™ Tri-Metal ™ chassis), and a robust and stylish housing than ever It was realized. US Department of Defense of endurance standard (MIL-STD 810G) it is also combines validated robustness in a test of compliance. Further consideration of the use of business, Intel ® is equipped with a vPro ™ technology, desktop, it is possible to easily introduce a remote management in notebook mixed environment.

Dell ™ Latitude ™ E 5420 March 15, 2011

Dell ™ Latitude ™ E 5520 March 15, 2011

Dell ™ Latitude ™ E6220 (scheduled in May 2011)

Dell ™ Latitude ™ E6320 March 15, 2011

Dell ™ Latitude ™ E6420 March 15, 2011


Dell ™ Latitude ™ E6520 March 15, 2011

Dell ™ Latitude ™ E6420 ATG March 22, 2011

Dell ™ Latitude ™ XT3 (expected in June 2011)

Desktop PC: the latest generation Dell ™ OptiPlex series

Dell ™ OptiPlex ™ 990, Dell ™ OptiPlex ™ 790 and the Dell ™ OptiPlex ™ 390, is compatible with a variety of applications, robustness, excellent desktop PC to manageability, and both power-saving and high performance, the environment It has become the conscious design. Dell ™ OptiPlex ™ 990 is the flagship model in comparison to the current model Dell ™ OptiPlex ™ 980, about 20% has achieved performance improvements. Latest Intel ® adoption of vPro ™ technology, also supports advanced remote management. In addition Dell ™ OptiPlex ™ 990, Dell ™ OptiPlex ™ 790, the SATA 6 Gb / sec (GEN3) support, we have high-speed access to storage.

Sysmark 2007 measurements (del-house survey)

Dell ™ OptiPlex ™ 990 March 15, 2011


Dell ™ OptiPlex ™ 790 (April 22, 2011)

Dell ™ OptiPlex ™ 390 (expected in June 2011)

Workstation: a new generation Dell ™ Precision Series

Dell ™ Precision workstation with excellent performance and scalability, in particular has been designed to professional users who use the application of graphics and intensive computing. Of correspondence from professional 2D to mid-range 3D, the new products Dell ™ Precision ™ T1600 serves as a work station of single socket of entry-class, second-generation Intel CPU ® Core ™ processor or Xeon ™ processor, the Intel video card ® HD graphics or, AMD and NVIDIA ® You can select a graphics. The adoption of the tool-less chassis, maintenance performance also has been improved.

Dell ™ Precision ™ T1600 April 5, 2011


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